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Leisure activities during the holidays

Leisure activities during the holidays


At any time of the year on the Costa Blanca – a blooming garden, plenty of sunshine, hundreds of kilometers of pristine sandy beaches, beautiful beautiful sea, friendly responsive Spaniards and excellent service! Many people come here to have a definite purpose: to buy a property on the Costa Blanca, is often to be able to come here and enjoy your vacation, or perhaps live permanently. Someone prefers to rent an apartment or a house by the sea. No one will be disappointed with the time that flies here, and you can choose a variety of options for how to organize your leisure.

We will share with you a few (a huge number) options nA nrimere our former customers, and now -Friends that 4 years ago, was lucky enough to buy property on the Costa Blanca in the area of Campoamor (Campoamor de Orihuela Costa). At least 2 times a year (summer and New Year, or Spring school holidays), they come to rest two families, each with two children. And depending on the time of year, the financial ability, desire, mood, state of health, age of children (and the children have the ability to grow up!) … Formed some options for leisure time:

Just lie on the beach and swim in the sea, with all sorts of side events: a snack in the café, take a ride on a scooter or a banana, go home to see your favorite show (house a 10-minute walk from the beach)
In the winter time you can in the morning to go to Talas hotel (San Pedro de Pinatar), to take the program for improvement (for the joints, skin, nerves, ….), weight loss, rejuvenation … (who needs what) are the appropriate procedures: mud, massages, baths, active exercises in a warm pool with sea water, etc.). It is 15 minutes away by car from the area of Campoamor.
During the summer, always make free mud treatments alone on the shores of the Mar Menor (small sea) on the salt lakes, which in composition edentichny Dead Sea in Israel. These salt lakes are located 5 minutes from the hotel Talas
You can have fun shopping: 10 minutes one of the favorite of all the largest European commercial center of La Senia Boulevard (La Zenia Boulevard), where in addition you can just sit down to talk and have a snack in one of the many cafes and restaurants, where children will find plenty of entertainment on their own or under the alert and attentive care center staff in the children’s play area. As another option for shopping – 40 minutes Corte Ingles (Cort Engles -primerno equidistant in Elche or in the city of Cartagena), or … There are many options!
Kids want to aqua park or an amusement park, or in the safari park, or To some a park …? The choice is huge! You can just 5 minutes drive away in a great water park Torrevieja (or an amusement park in the same place). It can be a little more than an hour to get to the famous amusement park Terra Mitica (Terra Mitica) in the city of Benidorm. Well, if you are willing to ride approximately 5 hours to the town of Salou in the famous park Port Aventura, you’ll get an unforgettable experience, and the best book on the hotel’s park at night – two and buy a ticket to queue on all the rides! Yes, there is still Dinosaur Park Moving in Kallosa (near Benidorm), a safari park in Elche or a wonderful, incomparable to any other, Aitana Zoo in alcove, where you can move around the territory on his car and be right close to the animals! .. and much more …
See.. Visit…. New City … New interesting place ..? . A large number of cities are close by, in which so many interesting attractions of Spain! Where we have visited Cartagena (40 min drive), Elche (40 minutes by car), Valencia (2 hours by car or the same by train), Madrid (2 hours and 20 minutes by train or 4 hours by car), Toledo (near Madrid ), Barcelona (5 hours by train or car, or 1 hour by plane) and even the Basque country, Bilbao, San Sebastian and others, but it was a mini-trip to the car for a week. The southern city of Malaga, Marbella, country Portugaliya- 6 days journey by car to a stop in various cities, including Granada, Cordoba … of a great variety of options, it is better to see once … Why not see it all ?
 There is a desire to go skiing: usually in March and January travel to Sierra – Nevada (4 hours by car) or in Andorra (8 hours by car)
There was a desire to have fun stormy night, then on foot (10 minutes) to a nearby magnificent area of Cape Roih (Cabo Roig), known to all for its lively nightlife (and the number of prestigious villas), but if you just want to relax, listen to live music or watch Flamenco, or take a dance lesson right into a cafe, restaurant, dine, and enjoy the beautiful views, or meet new friends at the English or Irish barah- choice is huge, service is good and very benevolent!
Do you want your children brought up the English or studied Spanish, and children who want to learn to surf, riding a horse or tennis? This is the case and the place! Near a lot of language and sports camps. And after a season in the camp you do not know your own child as your child is not very sociable, not really knowing a foreign language, all of a sudden, “said,” and that even more vazhno- found new friends and already looking forward to the new season! And it’s not a joke!!!
Every visit and every year, new plans, new places!

Our company Alfa Real Estate will help you organize your leisure time or travel to any location, city, country. Because our employees are aware of what we write, they are living, working, relaxing, and they have passed all the fly, as you read! Relax with the use and with the mood!