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Your Real Estate

Your Real Estate


Alfa Real Estate offers for those who have bought property in Spain property management services, organizing renting your property.

  • Keeping your keys
    We provide at your request, access to guest housing ,. specialists for installation, repairs.
  • Testing, inspection, inventory
    Careful systematic inspection of property, checking security systems, a report on the state of the property owner.
  • Organization of the maintenance of the purity of the service, for over a swimming pool, garden care.
  • Organization of repair and construction works
    .If Necessary, perform any cosmetic or repair work on the house, for the construction of the pool, on the work in the garden (irrigation system, planting) our company will agree with you the conditions and cost of works, takes control of work performance. Performing such work in your absence will save you not only time, but also allows you to enjoy a good rest without worries.
  • Letting property in the short-term or long-term lease
    Your property will be presented on the leading portals specializing in vacation rentals, booking partner sites. Prepare legally verified lease, will provide control over the condition of your property and reporting on the performance of the contract.
  • Other services
    Search: airport transfers, car rental reservations. Translation services, support to educational institutions, including schools, medical and other institutions, all types of insurance. Necessary purchases for the home.

The company Alfa Resl Estate is pleased to help you and take care of your property in Spain!