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San – Lawyers, independent law firm

  • Sell and buy property in Spain
  • Get a loan
  • Solve Tax Issues
    The lawyers of high class independent company San – Lawyers founded over 20 years ago, having a high reputation in the field of Spanish property transactions, provides clients with Alfa Real Estate higher guarantee and security as in real estate transactions, and in terms of lending, the interaction with the service companies, in real estate management.


Dobromir Vaklino
Leading Specialist San Lawyers

Independent Law Firm Sun-Lawyers was founded in 1985 in south-east Spain and has experienced lawyers who specialize in the rule of law, financial services and property in Spain for residents and nonresidents of the country. Our attorneys and lawyers have extensive experience and enough knowledge of Spanish law and the rights of our clients, knowing the concerns of non-residents, dealing with the laws of a foreign country. We guarantee full compliance with the client’s interests. Our specialists are ready to provide legal services not only related to the purchase or sale of a property in Spain, but also in any other areas: tax law, public offices, court cases of urban affairs, legalization of property, investment advisory services, opening a new business. We speak Russian, English, Spanish, French. Our successful cooperation with Alfa Real Estate is based on professionalism, friendship, efficiency, service and respect for the client’s interests.