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Sell your property with ALFA REAL ESTATE

Sell your property with ALFA REAL ESTATE


If you want to sell your property, be prepared for a quick and successful sale to pass the following stages:

Prepare the documents: a copy of the deed (or note Simple), proof of payment of the annual tax payment for utility services, payment for water and electricity (enough to take a fresh invoice), energy efficiency certificate (in its absence, we can provide the service in its preparation) , site plan and certificate of the first settlement, as well as a copy of the passport and NIE property owner.
Prepare home for sale: the facade of your house and garden, well-kept garden – is the first thing the buyer sees, so give it due attention, get rid of unnecessary things, do cosmetic repairs if necessary. Inside the house, try to create a cozy, rely on generally recognized norms (purity, cleanliness, absence of unnecessary things, clean things very personal, so the buyer does not feel like a stranger among your photos and personal accessories). Remember that a small investment in easy repair can help you in an adequate assessment of the value of the house, and will accelerate the sale.
Decide with the cost of home. Experience the real estate agency, market knowledge and customer environment will help you to adequately assess the house for a successful sale.
Sign a contract with real estate agency that will sell your property.

Alfa Real Estate Specialists will help present your home to potential buyers, make experienced professional description and photos of your home.

An extensive database of our agency buyers data, the cooperation with portals and agencies in Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Norway, as well as a great professional experience and active marketing position of our international team will contribute to the successful sale of your home at no additional cost to you.