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Get a mortgage

Get a mortgage


A dream for many who once visited this wonderful country- buy a house in Spain, or flat, or otherwise physically accommodation by the sea. Property prices in Spain today are so democratic, to find property in Spain can be to lyuboyodna lyuboyodna taste and wallet! Besides, Spain- a country where many banks are willing to give a loan to buy housing. mortgage size can be up to 50% – 70% of the appraised value of property by 2-6% per annum for 10-30 years, depending on the borrower’s age. Interest rate mortgages are usually fixed for the first year and in the future depends on the average European rate of Euribor. Mortgage payments are usually made through monthly payments from the bank account of the buyer.

Documents for obtaining a mortgage

International passport
Help on wages from the employer (2NDFL) or income (tax returns)
for the current and previous years. But we must remember that Spanish law does not allow that amount of payments on the mortgage exceeds 30% of the monthly income of the buyer.

All documents are compulsorily translated into Spanish by a sworn translator.

The Bank may also request at its discretion additional documents.

The costs associated with registration of the mortgage (housing cost up to 500 euros)

Your Real Estate Appraisal (350 to 850 euros)
Registration in the Register of mortgage property (400-600 euros)
Translation of documents into Spanish (300-650 euros)
Notary fees (about 2,000 euros)
The cost of opening a mortgage (up to 2% of the mortgage amount)
You can prepay the mortgage, in this case, the bank usually charges a small penalty, you must pay.

If you have a desire to buy property in Spain, and this requires a mortgage, contact us, Alfa Real Estate experts can help you with this!