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Obtaining medical insurance

Obtaining medical insurance


If you spend time in Spain on vacation or decide to invest in real estate in Spain and are planning to stay in this country any time, then you have the opportunity to undergo a medical examination kachestnvennoe. Medical services in Spain, recognized by the world community some of the highest quality. According to WHO the Spanish health services, the Spanish health care is ranked fourth in the world. The quality and accessibility of health services explains that those services are actively used by many Europeans and our compatriots: those who buy property in the village of Spain, who constantly live here and those who come specifically for the specific medical services. Medical services in Spain may be social (Free State) and private. Free service are Spanish citizens and residents with the right to work and their family. Paid medical service is in cash or health insurance. Emergency assistance is provided to all persons in emergency cases, and those who have not reached 18 years of age.

Many Spaniards are paid services, despite the possibility of obtaining public health services, addressing in private medical centers and insurance companies. The cost of insurance varies depending on the package and age, so the basic package for the age from 50 to 74 years is approximately 400 to 1000 euros. Depending on the set of services for people the same age category cost can vary, for example for persons 50-59 years – from 400 to 750 euros. There is a flexible system of discounts for children, family members, etc. Typically, each insurance company offers the client a number of private institutions, where they can receive medical services throughout Spain for this insurance.

These insurance may include a sufficiently large range of services such as counseling specialists, special examination, surgery, hospitalization and laboratory studies.

Our company Alfa Real Estate is ready to help our clients:

  • Making arrange an interpreter support;g health insurance;
  • Choose appropriate to your needs medical institution;
  • Write to the necessary consultations and surveys;

    Please contact us if you need help in these matters!

On the Costa Blanca in Torrevieja there are several private clinics where you can get medical services of highly qualified specialists. In addition, a few years ago otrylsya ultramodern Hospital Quiron, which is equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology and has a highly qualified professionals

Buying property in Spain or while on holiday in this country with these insurance, you will be able to pass any preventive care, to feel more confident, moreover, they can be used to obtain residence in Spain.

We wish you good health!